The Pompous Porpoise

The Pompous Porpoise...

-a lesson in learning how to be non-judgemental against others-

written by Peggy Clark

illustrated by Anna Florin

image of book "Learning to not judge others is not an easy thing to do. In this book, the Pompous Porpoise discovers the best way to make new friends, is by accepting others as they are.

The Pompous Pompoise is a fun book for parents to read with their children, opening up channels for discussion on the subject of how we should not condemn others on the way they look, the way they talk, the color of their skin, or any of the multiple ways people judge others in their lives. This is a subject that should be approached very early in life.

"Thank you so much for sending your books! My granddaughter loves them. You did a fabulous job creating them. They teach good behavior in such a nice way. Thanks again," Melinda from Pebble Beach, CA

"I think these books are darling. I love children's books that have a moral. These remind me of Dr. Suess books... they're so fun. Thank you," Jean from Sandy, UT.

"These books are wonderful for helping me teach my kids important lessons in life. Let me know if you write any more." Teresa from Salt Lake City, UT

"I love the books, they're DARLING. So simple and yet such a good lesson in each one." Shawndra from Holladay, UT

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Published by Featherwood Publishing .

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